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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University
  • Lorna Dallas
  • lorna dallas

    Chair of Women in STEM Plymouth & Graduate Safety Engineer at Babcock International


talk topic: Why Diversity is Good for Business

After a successful early career in marine biology research, Lorna has followed her passion to become a nuclear safety engineer for a multi-national, FTSE100 listed company. Working in a dynamic, but tightly controlled environment, she works with truly diverse teams to ensure rigorous standards are upheld in critical situations. She is also deeply enthusiastic about the communication of science, whether that was teaching undergraduates in her research days, participating in international projects, or getting away from the dockyard to engage non-engineers with her projects.

As a volunteer STEM ambassador for the South West region, Lorna also enjoys the opportunity to inspire the next generation into STEM careers. She is especially interested in promoting the role of women in science, and other STEM disciplines, and has been active in this area, including leading the organisational committee for a symposium entitled "Women in STEM: a celebrating science and engineering" in March 2016 and chairing a local interest group Women in STEM Plymouth, which aims to support and encourage minorities in these disciplines.

Women in STEM Plymouth is a network formed with the primary purpose of helping to tackle the gender gap within science, technology, engineering and maths careers in the Plymouth travel-to-work-area. In her talk, Lorna will explore why diversity is good for business in the context of her work for Women in STEM Plymouth as well as using examples from the UK and global technology industry.

Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

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