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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University


Portland Square Building - Plymouth University


At the heart of Future Sync is our huge interactive exhibition space. We'll be showcasing the best and brightest projects from around the South West for attendees to experience during networking breaks.

Projects include award-winning VR games, bespoke digital art installations and crème de la crème of graduate apps and games from around the city. Keep checking back as we add more exhibitors in the run up to the big day.

Portland Square Building - Plymouth University
  • Chris Hunt
  • "Loving Grace"

    by Controlled Frenzy

    Loving Grace is a series of installations that explores our personal connection to artificial intelligence and conceives new relationships with machines in an era of automation. It will invite an audience to create a ghost – abstract creatures brought to life through their voice and personality. The ghosts will go on to interact with the audience throughout the event, both online and off. By making use of generative visuals and audio along with advanced voice detection and analysis, it will showcase new technologies in a highly interactive form.

  • Triangular Pixels
  • "Unseen Diplomacy: a VR obstacle course"

    by Triangular Pixels

    Unseen Diplomacy is a BAFTA-nominated Virtual Reality spy game which casts you as an elite member of The British Espionage Tactical Initiative, defeating the plans of evil-doers around the world. With a real-life obstacle course created by the Vive’s incredible virtual reality environment, you will run and roll, sneak and solve your way through volcano lairs and moon bases.

Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

future sync conference 2017

Previous event has ended.

Booking for next year's event will be available later on this year via Origin Tickets.